What makes us different – what makes us better

Unlike other doctors you may have encountered browsing the web, I am not concerned with celebrities, fame, or money for that matter. What interests me is the structrue of the human mind, the body, its beauties, functions, and shortcomings. My aim is the Ultimate Beauty. I am an artist, I paint, I sing, I act. I apply my artistic acumen when I operate. I do not use pure knowledge – I apply the Arts…

 I want my patients to benefit the most from any experience they may have with me, and, gain the most from my skills, which I have gathered over the past 35 years, from my scholarly beginnings at Columbia and Harvard, to my professorship at University of Colorado Medical School, to my beautiful practice down here in Cerritos, of which I am extremely proud.

We have the latest state-of-the-art technology, most modern Candella lasers, microscopes, and highly skilled professional staff of international stock. We serve all to the best of our abilities, and we are extremely proud of our results. Yet, we do not crave fame. We crave but satisfaction of an ordinary man or woman who wants to improve his or her life, who wants to make it more beautiful, smooth, satisfactory, and, ultimately, successful.

Ultimately, what makes us different, is precisely this aim – not some grand images from Hollywood that anyone can upload on their site – not some reports of what we have seen or experienced – but our own work, and the reports of our happy patients…

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