Reversing the Irreversible

As a follow-up to the posting published on August 10, there are a few more facts we have omitted to look at. In 1998, the American Journal of Epidemiology published a study of more than 100,000 women, which showed association between fewer menstrual cycles and a reduced risk of breast cancer. Girls who began to menstruate before 12 years of age, have been shown to have a slightly increased risk of breast cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute.

This is due to estrogen, which facilitates pubertal development and is necessary to the menstrual process. Although the evidence that the onset of menarche has shifted to a lower age has not been decisive, the risk tied to estrogen levels has.

On an even more negative side, the increase in body weight and obesity rates has also been provably connected to the levels of estrogen. Current studies focus on a possible impact of environmental chemicals and hormones that girls may be exposed to in foods and packaging (plastics etc.) as well as some plant hormones and pesticides, which may all significantly influence the body’s endocrine system.

How is this connection established? Fat cells produce hormones, and once a critical mass of fat tissue is reached, the hormone leptin is released to trigger puberty. The opposite effect can be noticed during the life of a woman, when bodyfat levels drop below a certain per-cent point (usually between 12-10%) the menstrual cycle stops. Many professional athletes can testify to that.

However, if you are neither a professional athlete nor a successful Weight-Watcher, you will probably not be very pleased with the scientific findings. On top of it all, a separate study in the Journal of Pediatrics found a direct link between the rate of  weight increase during infancy and the accelerated onset of puberty. Once the changes have begun, they are irreversible.

That is to say, they were irreversible until the 1974 when we began to experiment with liposuction.

Since then, we have advanced so much that even most seemingly irreversible changes caused in part by poor habits, in part by Mother Nature, can be reversed by a skilled, qualified, Board-certified surgeon.

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