Acne Comes in Many Forms…

When many people think of ACNE, they envision the unhappy adolescent whose once smooth skin has been blighted by clusters of draining cysts forming whiteheads, which have left the skin pock-marked, red, and embarrassing.

However, acne has many gradations in severity, and many causes, which may be hormonal, dietary, hygienic, or even that extra glass of wine no-one was meant to notice…

These are some of the factors that lead to the eruption of isolated pimples, red-colored skin, widening of the skin pores, especially in the nasal and cheek areas, which steal attention away from the valuable image that you wish to communicate.

Self-treatment in the form of attempted exfoliation by digital [Lat. “finger”] pressure generally makes things worse. Other treatments, such as drying agents, creams or antibiotics, do not have a lasting success.

While not every busy person may wish to come to our plastic surgery and laser center for a special treatment and lotions, Dr.Fisher’s evaluation can save you valuable time and agony.

Once your skin is in a condition to use the Obagi CLENSderm-MD system, you will be amazingly satisfied with your results. Obagi CLENSderm-MD system is the only treatment with the liquid form of Benzol Peroxide, and the prescription strength therapeutic system has been reported to have clinically proven to produce visibly clearer skin in as few as 2 weeks, although we have seen improvement even more rapid that this.

This medication consists of a three-gel regimen in topical use and does not require taking oral antibiotics.

If you start to feel the pimples about to sprout before your big events, join dozens of our clients who have benefitted from our Finest of products.

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