Adhere to the Instructions!

A breast implant is a soft silicone shell filled with saline (salt water) or silicone gel.  Botth kinds are equally good to  create a more natural-looking breast, because their weight and texture in all respects resembles breast tissue.

The implant may be placed directly under the skin, or, more commonly, under the chest muscle. Individual bodytype and form are decisive here. After the implant has been carefully adjusted to the correct shape and position, the incision is closed. However, it is not like going shopping – every surgery is a procedure, which requires utmost skill and expertise of a knowledgeable and experienced surgeon.

Breast reconstruction usually takes more than one surgery.

Many of the risks associated with breast reconstruction are the same as those with any surgery: infection, poor wound healing, bleeding, or a reaction to the anesthesia used in surgery.

Many, if not all, of these complications can be prevented by the patient herself if she religiously adheres to the advice of Dr.Fisher, which means: no shower or water contact for 8-10 days, and slight massage of the area pursuant to Dr.Fisher’s instructions, once the incision is firmly closed.

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