Congratulations to all the patient and caring nurses, skillful and painstaking technicions and scrub-techs – all the members  of our staff! As you know, our last year’s success of 99.3% of satisfied patients, calculated by the total number of surgeries over the complete satisfaction rate, i.e. 612 over 608 is hard to beat (four patients were reportedly not fully satisfied but were offered additional post-operative treatment which they gratefully accepted). Nonetheless, we have only had one complaint this year, and that was resolved by a reparative surgery to a complete satisfaction.

For all my patients, I would like to state that capsular contracture  is one of the most common problems caused by breast implants. It occurs when scar tissue around the implant hardens and begins to squeeze the implant. It can cause hardening of the breast tissue, rippling in the skin of the breast, and changes in the shape of the breast. It may also be painful. Surgery is sometimes needed to remove the scar tissue or replace the implant when capsular contracture develops.

Good news – it can be prevented. In our experience, all patients (without any exceptions) who follow Dr.Fisher’s advice and massage the incriminated location per his directions come out without any contractions. This prevents further surgery or uncleared hemorrhage. Some women have higher risk of complications. These include: BMI over 35 (heavily obese), high blood pressure, diabetes, smoke, other diseases. It is imperative that all diseases or conditions known to the patient must be revealed to the surgeon prior to surgery. We have had some cases where the patient concealed her medical condition (such as a disease or prior surgery), thus causing extra consternation and worry during the procedure. Nothing remains concealed when you are in the OR. Only then, – quite frankly – , it might be too late to comply with safe disclosure.

Remember, our hospital is certified and federally approved.  In trying to accommodate all your wishes, Dr.Fisher will always proceed pursuant to his own best judgment as to what is safe for you, from what you will benefit the most. This may not always perfectly and in all respect correspond to your wildest dreams and your imagination. However, you will  end up being safe, healthy, and happy – along with other 600+ patients who entrust their selves to Dr.Fisher’s skillful hands every and each year.

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