Smiling Buttocks

Most surveys indicate that after the eyes and the mouth, the breasts and the buttocks are the area men most often look at (or for?) in women. While liposuction makes it possible for surgeons to change corporal proportions and selectively contour arms and buttocks, abdominal bulges, and many other body parts, the desire to have “smiling buttocks” if one was not given to you by God is a very painful procedure, which can be extremely complicated. Buttock creases can be re-carved to create “smiles” under the buttocks, no doubt, but few patients are aware of the risks, because they are not often spoken about – even by the surgeons who perform such procedures.

As you may read in our “science” part (of this blog), Dr.Fisher stood at the cradle of liposuction. While today it is perhaps the most popular procedure performed by cosmetic surgeons, fat transfer and shape modification are still lagging behind. For one, the interest is overall much less than in the other procedures; for another, the procedure of recontouring and restructuring is much more complicated and not many surgeons are willing to undergo the risk of complications. If a general risk of breast implant rejection is ca.1%, in breast reconstruction, the risk may reach 5% or more, and when we speak of the buttocks area, the risk is 20% to 30%.

The risk of what? Infection, dissatisfaction, prolonged healing, often painful consequences, such as another surgery. Superficial surface irregularities are extremely difficult to deal with and unless you encounter some surgeon who is really experienced and has had 30+ years of experience, you do not want to be the one on whom the surgeon gains his experience. A little cellulite, a “placid” instead of “smiling” buttocks – might then be the least of your problems.

Post-liposuction iatrogenic deformities are not just limited to surface irregularities. Changing the relationship between your thighs, your abdomen, and your buttocks can result in unnatural disposition, out of proportion, even physically cumbersome, preventing you from running as you used to and doing other activities you enjoyed so much before…  A good surgeon has to be an artist, has to keep in mind overall proportions of the body, like a sculptor. Flattening the lower abdomen without attention to the upper abdomen can lead to strange appearance, and deformities, which are too obvious to cover. The same disproportionate result can be created by interrupting the continuous flow of the lateral and posterolateral thigh into the buttock while performing liposuction or restructuring of the area.

Dr.Fisher began performing liposuction at St.Lukes in the early 1970s and has gained immense knowledge and experience in treating iatrogenic liposuction deformities with fat grafting, primarily focusing on the surface irregularities, while addressing the overall corporal proportion to restore a more natural aesthetic look and proportionality between the waist, hips, and thighs. “You have to trust a doctor like Dr.Fisher,” as one of our patients (Taiana K.) stated recently. “If he says it is too dangerous, then I will rather go to the gym than waste time and money on some other, second-rate advice.”

So, remember, your craving for “smiling buttocks” might erase the smile from your face forever.

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