Plastic Surgery in a Bottle?

The Journal of Health and Longevity (Vol 1., Issue 2, 2010) published an article called the “Fountain of Youth Rediscovered!” – with a would-like-to-be medical analysis of how the human growth hormone can help you lose fat and stay healthy. It touts HCG as “Plastic Surgery in a Bottle.” Not only is this grossly misleading, because the only effect of ECG which might be tangentially connected to what a skilled plastic surgeon can do, would be excessive growth of cartilage – i.e. perhaps lengthening of your nose, your ears, and your chin; but some of the “facts” the article states are simply wrong: HCG cannot “prevent osteoporosis” or “revitalize your immune system” or “restore your sexual vitality” including “hair color” etc. etc.

Not only is this not true, but it is the very opposite of what the HCG will do for you. First of all, HCG  (human chorionic gonadotropin) is not for you at all. Its main purpose in nature is to promote the maintenance of new life in the mother during the first trimester, which means: 1) triggering the production of progesterone, which in turn enhances the lining of the uterus and protects the growing fetus by 2) repelling bacteria and even the immune cells of the mother, and even enhancing the mother’s immunity system. You might think: right, that’s why it is good for my immunity system. Wrong!

Like every hormone in your body, HCG has its precise functions, which are connected to the functions of other hormones. Synthetic hormones were develop to help those who do not have their own hormones (hypogonadism) or suffer from hormonal dysbalance. HCG was first used by Russian athletes. There was no artificial HCG yet, so any HCG had to be taken from the pituitary gland of corpses. It is not so revolting if you realize, for example, that even today there are organizations, which help hospitals collect urine from pregnant women for extraction of HCG for use in fertility treatment.

Before we go on, here is a couple of other hormones also produced by the pituitary gland: Adrenocoricotropic hormone (ACTH), Thyroid-Stimulating hormone (TSH), Prolactin (PRL), Lutropin or Lutenizing hormone (LH), Follicle Stimulating hormone (FSH), Melanocyte-Stimulating hormone (MSH), and beta endorphin. Do you really think that a tiny pea-sized area in your brain can handle releasing one without curbing the release of another hormone? No-one knows precisely how these hormones interact and we are still learning mostly by experiment. Further, most studies cannot even be conducted because they are too dangerous, and those that are being “conducted” are so outside of the approved medical milieu (often in the gym, or the changing room, rather) because if something goes wrong – the results may be fatal.

Every time you place an artificial hormone into your body, the body suppresses the same. There is an inner immunity. Some gurus (not necessarily physicians) call this an “apostasis.” They are not incorrect.

For example, in professional sport, the world where “performance enhancing drugs” such as anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) and HCG and LH are most common, athletes who do not want to destroy their career by self-destruction from within and/or embarrass themselves in public by some undesirable anti-doping scandal, must know more about this part of medical science than physicians themselves: half-time of each drug in the body, their interaction, how to prevent side effects, and how to restore the inner balance. This is a tedious process, only for the most dedicated and its results are proportionately very small.

All positive effects (notice: not almost all, but all) of the use of artificial hormones are temporary. They are most prominent during the cycle and for several weeks after the use. All negative effects, unfortunately, remain. All hormones injected into the human body artificially are a time-bomb, which will quicken the pre-programmed clock in your genes. Did your mother die of cancer? If you use HCG, the chances that you will die of cancer sooner than she did increase geometrically, i.e. by the square of the dose you use multiplied by the length of use. HCG testing is actually used to ascertain how far your cancer, if you have been diagnosed with one, has already advanced: the more HCG present in your body, the further beyond the point of no return you are. You may have lost 5% of bodyfat and gained 5% of muscle over the two months you have been using HCG, but not only will you be just the same as before in 6-8 months, you will have accelerated all genetic disorders in your body and, paradoxically, will also have grown twice as old in the process as you would have otherwise.

Hormones are drugs. As any drugs, they are addictive. Placebo effect studies show that it is a psychological addiction, rather than a physiological one. Psychologically, you are addicted the day you first inject yourself. Psycho-somatic addiction follows soon thereafter. Why do people who have taken HCG advertise it as a miracle drug? I believe it was the same with Coca-Cola when it first appeared on the market, containing cocaine. Perhaps if cocaine were not illegal, the users of cocaine would do the same today: “Miracle drug! Come and buy! Grow 10 years younger overnight!”

Unfortunately, I have seen the dire and dismal consequences of such miracle drugs: be it (from AAS) female breasts (gynecomastia) in men, acne the size and extent of leprosy, disintegrated liver (not unlike that of a destroyed alcoholic), and 20-years-old bold men with scrawny-looking 45-year-old wrinkled faces and rhoid rage in their eyes; or (as is the case in HCG) elongated chins and cheek-bones, cancer of the bone, the skin, ovular dysfunction in women, or (the more common) headaches, irritability, restlessness, slight water retention, tenderness of breast tissue, swelling of the injection sight, and depression. There are some rare, severe side effects as well which include the development of ovarian hyperstimulation in females.

Please note also that none of the HCG reports or articles will actually point at any scientifically recognized study, which would receive acclaim and credible peer review. All such studies invariably show that the positive effects of HCG, if any, are fleeting and temporary, while the negative ones persist. Indeed, the bottle of HCG may lead to many surgeries but, at the end of the day, none will restore your youthful look and feel like a skilled plastic surgeon, who can rid you of your fat permanently and erase your wrinkles for the next ten to fifteen years – in 4-6 hours of wholesome sleep.

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