CoolSculpting™ by ZELTIQ™


We would like to inform our patients that we have been trying to clarify technical details, availability of the device on the U.S. market, and its general potential for non-invasive targeted fat reduction.

Unfortunately, there are no credible studies of veritable peer review available at this point, which would clarify potential harmful effects of this device. The technical features are unavailable at this point, and the device has not been approved in the United States either on a federal or state level.

Therefore, any surgical center, which would venture upon the unapproved unknown, would risk strict scrutiny by the Medical Board, and potential suspension of license in case of any complications.

In our close communication with Zelteq, we were interested in the effect of cryolipolisys on the liver,  because its proposed function is based on “detoxification” of fat cells, its potential carcinogenic impact on the human body in general, and other long-term complications, which would include damage to the skin, its subcutaneous as well as surface levels, and unwanted reversal of the former condition, i.e. natural regrouping of fat cells in the area, which is a result of the apostatic distribution given to each of us genetically.

None of these issues have so far been elucidated in either medical or lay terms by the company. We have therefore decided to abandon this novelty.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” as Dr.Fisher points out. A safe well-established method of fat removal through liposuction will cost you 1/3 of the price for the uncertain, unapproved cryolipolisys. The results you receive from liposuction are permanent. There is no such guarantee in cryolipolisys. Further, in Dr.Fisher’s Surgical Center, you will receive protection of the Federal Government, California Medical Board, and 35+ years of experience, skill and acumen of a man-artist who stood at the very cradle of modern liposuction.

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