Pass on that Gastric Bypass!

We had an inquiry about the gastric bypass surgery today. Gastric bypass, Lap Band or sleeve gastrectomy is more popular than ever. These surgeries, however, are extremely invasive and may cause unforeseeable complications. They are not what would be medically categorized as “cosmetic.”

What you should know prior to undergoing any such surgical procedure is that it is not a cure. You may suffer from a psychological problem, some debilitating condition, which can be cured by a skilled psychologist or psychiatrist. You may also have some genetic problem. In any case, you have tried to “treat” yourself – and it did not work. It is high time to see a specialist.

While an expert, proficient surgeon, Dr.Fisher does not perform gastric bypass surgery because such a surgical procedure requires an in-patient long-term observation and hospitalization. While often successful, the surgery itself is not a cure-all and many people persist in poor eating habits. It is almost impossible to succeed and achieve what you want without altering your eating habits.

It is also important for you to realize that gastric bypass does not diminish the number of fat cells in your body, as liposuction does. It makes you starve. But the fat cells remain in your body. Also, you have to be in the heavily overweight category, ca.300lbs+ to qualify. Unlike in normal, average population, the BMI is relevant here. Anyone above 35 is likely to succeed in applying for a gastric bypass.

One more unpleasant feature of this type of weight loss surgery is that you have to stick with liquid diet for 2 weeks after the surgery and be very careful about consuming “heavy” food even after this period of time. As a practical matter, the surgeon will recommend 2 weeks of liquid diet prior to the surgery, so as to shrink your liver. This makes the operation easier. In total, it means ca.4 months of liquid diet.

One positive feature is that there is no need for a large incision. Modernly, the majority of weight loss surgeries are now carried out laparoscopically. You will be left with a very small scar (which, however, cannot be hidden in any abdominal fold, as can a very thin scar left after tummy tuck or liposuction).

Finally, many potential patients are concerned about the so-called “dumping syndrome. Dumping syndrome is commonly caused by the rapid entry of undigested food products from the stomach into the small intestine where your body is not prepared for the concentration and rushes to dilute it by “dumping” fluid and electrolytes rapidly into the contents of the intestines. This is also why your diet has to be very restrictive and limited, without excessively fatty foods, or simple carbohydrates with high sugar content.

Since insurance does not cover this surgery either, you might be left  in the lurch, longing for a real treat, with a lien on your house… Perhaps it is better to discipline your eating habits now, pass on that gastric bypass, and visit Dr.Fisher now. He may be able to help you at much less expense and pain –  to much more satisfactory results.

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