Facial Hair Can Be a Pest…

Facial hair can be a pest, which many women abhor and are reluctant to talk about. It can plague you privately, because you are the only one who really knows or notices… Many people who suffer from much more grave and serious cosmetic problems will simply wave their hand at a “hair-raising” issue.

However, unwanted facial hair on women may imply some deeper underlying hormonal condition. Since many times the nurses who operate the hair-removal laser do not know this, they will not be the best “specialists” to consult with.

If you do not have any underlying condition, then simple hair removal is, indeed, simple. However, it requires several sessions and its efficiency is not the same for everybody. Darker skinned women will find laser removal less effective than fair-skinned patients. Further, the hair permanently renews itself and thus the laser may only “catch it” in a certain period in the cycle renewal. Not every time is thus the laser equally effective with respect to each and every hair you may have.

It is not necessary to shave your hair either before or after the treatment. After the treatment, the hair falls out by itself. Before the treatment, complete shaving prevents the laser beam from “catching” the root of the hair because it is not detected. All in all, the treatment efficiency ranges from 50 to 70 per-cent after three treatments, ca. six weeks apart. Some maintenance is usually necessary, either once or twice a year, in particular in blond, fair-skinned women, where hairs are generally lighter, thus more difficult to detect and can often be persistent.

Laser treatment is much less damaging for the skin than tweezers and does not leave any marks or imperfections. In fact, the laser beam has a rejuvenating effect even on the skin which is not in need of hair removal. Thus, you will not suffer any “collateral damage” to your skin. Some people experience pigmentary changes, either lightening of the skin or darkening of skin, following the procedure. This is not scarring. All such alterations are temporary and will disappear over several weeks following the procedure.

In our Surgical Center, we have several lasers with different capacities and focus to match your needs and desires. It is a wise choice to always consult Dr.Fisher prior to the procedure, but need not be necessary because all the nurses on our staff are qualified to answer questions relating to hair removal, and have been expertly tutored in operating all our devices by the manufacturer.

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