Congratulations to ZELTIQ!

We have just been informed by our friends at Zeltiq® that their new “coolsculpting” device received the craved-for FDA approval on Sept.8. Congratulations! This indicates not only that there are some credible scientific studies to support the new method of non-invasive liposuction, but also that there is a parallel market, which needs to be satisfied. This should be good news for everyone: the proponents of non-invasive, mild, slow, repeated method of “sculpting,” as well as the surgeons who can offer an alternative treatment at a larger profit margin, and less legal accountability, being shielded under Zeltiq’s strict liability in tort for any potential injury flowing from the treatment.

The approval of Zeltiq by the FDA signals a major step forward for patients seeking a safe, non-surgical fat reduction option. A latest survey of over 1200 potential patients revealed that most consumers are primarily interested in results when considering a body contouring/sculpting (48%), than in cost (21%), safety (11%), and length of recovery (10%).

Since most potential patients are interested predominantly in results, we believe that this device will only improve the ever-growing popularity of plastic-reconstructive surgery. Patients will benefit by using this device not only as a parallel treatment or an alternative to surgery, but as an added boon to the work of an expert cosmetic surgeon; for no machine can substitute the hands of a skilled surgeon, in particular where the case is complicated, reconstructive surgery is needed, or the patient wants to see an immediate effect, such as the loss of several pounds of fat cells over several hours of pleasant anesthesia-induced sleep, while she is being taken care of by professional, considerate, concerned surgical staff. The Art of Surgery will always remain what it is, Art wedded to Science.

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