Plastic Surgery Trends – continued


You may have read in our previous blog that despite widespread poverty, Brazil has historically been a center for aesthetic augmentation (currently second behind the United States with aver 2.5mil surgeries each year). This is due in part to a strong cultural association between body image and self-esteem. More liposuction is performed in Brazil than in any country in the world, according to the ISAPS survey.

The number of procedures and the number of physicians practicing plastic surgery in a particular country were strongly correlated. The survey identified 30,817 aesthetic plastic surgeries worldwide. Of that total, 5700 physicians worked in the United States. China was second, with 4250 surgeons; Brazil and India followed with 3824 and 2000, respectively.

On a per capita base, cosmetic procedures were most popular in South Korea. According to the survey, 13.5 procedures per 1000 population were performed in that country of 48.8 million.

Although worldwide use is about evenly split between surgical and nonsurgical augmentation, 57% of the procedures performed in the United States are noninvasive. Survey results indicated that more than 498,000 botulinum and nearly 312,000 laser hair removal procedures were performed there last year. Other high-use procedures include hyaluronic acid (a dermal cream), sclerotherapy, and laser vascular treatments.

The ISAPS survey totals for the United States — limited to aesthetic plastic surgeons — are substantially smaller than figures published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) in June. By including all providers, the ASPS survey uncovered a 1% decline — to 12.5 million procedures. That survey found that minimally invasive procedures accounted for 88% of total volume. They rose just 1% in 2009, but have nearly doubled since 2000.

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