Liposuction Boosts Body Immunity

In the late 1970s, I started  research on the impact of genetic transcription of adenovirus 36 on the development of fat cells in the human body. Obesity rates among children and adults have skyrocketed lately, and virus research appears to be one avenue that research into the environmental impact on obesity could take.

There are more than 50 types of adenovirus, which cause respiratory infections or gastrointestinal tract infections. Research confirmed that AD-36 is the most likely to infect fat cells. Consequently, fat cells grow and multiply. A strange vicious circle is thus triggered because the body immunity decreases in proportion to this multiplication. This decrease is inversely proportionate to the multiplication of AD-36 and thus directly geometrically proportionate to obesity. The latest study of adenovirus 36 was conducted on 300 U.S. military personnel. It was released recently and confirms what my study at St.Luke’s hospital had predicted years ago (and many studies confirmed since): there is a direct link between your genetic information and your BMI.

A similar study was conducted recently by our colleague, Dr.Jeffrey Schwimmer, a pediatric gastroenterologist at Rady Children’s Hospital and the University of California. This study involved 124 children aged 8-18. Their BIM index was taken and children divided into obese and non-obese groups. Their blood was tested to the presence of antibodies to AD-36. These antibodies were found in 19 children, 15 of which were in the obese group. This means that 24% of all subjects were found with AD-36 present in their system, while 19% out of these 24% were obese, which means ca.76% of those affected were obese. Obese children who tested positive weighed about 36 pounds more than obese children who tested negative.

Considering that obesity is the impacting factor as well as causal factor here, it is safe to conclude that tummy tuck or liposuction can not only extend your life, but help prevent many diseases.

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