Brazilian Buttocks?

There are many new “trends” in plastic surgery, which may be viewed favorably by a non-expert, or even a surgeon who does not find sufficient acumen and capacity to perform what we consider “classic” surgery. Let us preface that a buttocks lift operation is performed in our hospital with marvellous results, but we strenuously avoid any suspect procedures, which involve high risk of infection, hundreds of injections, and pain.

Over the last few years the buttocks and abdomen have received more press coverage than ever before. The “Brazilian butt lift” is slowly becoming just as popular (if not more) in Mexico as other types of plastic surgery. We must not forget that the tolerance for malpractice in Latin American countries is much less than in the United States, and patients do not have the same legal recourse against doctor-charlatans.

The “Brazilian butt lift” is a type of augmentation procedure which results in more prominent buttocks and, possibly, a more sensual body profile.  The procedure itself, however, is not that simple. Fat is removed fat from selected areas of your body, purified, and then re-injected into the desired area. The process of fat reinjection may involve hundreds of injections. The procedure is designed to fill the upper quadrant of your buttocks so that the overall impression is that of a more lifted and “perky” behind. 

Apart from the “Brazilian butt lift” (fat injections or fat transfer to the buttocks), there is a classic implant option, i.e. the insertion of silicone implants. Naturally, if you are petite and store fat mostly in the abdominal area, this latter procedure is preferable. Brazilian butt lift became so popular precisely because it can be “tailor-made” by many injections to suit precisely the requirements of the patient. It is also more demanding on the surgeon’s ability and artistic acumen.  We must emphasize, however, that the same, if not better – and more lasting! – results can be achieved by the classic liposuction utilized by Dr.Fisher.

Even in the so-called “Brazilian butt lift” the surgeon must always start with liposuction and contouring. However,  in order to obtain sufficient amount of fat for processing, the liposuctioned areas include the lower back directly above the buttocks, the stomach, and the thighs. Often, this procedure in itself gives the patient a more attractive appearance. Since there is not enough source of “raw” fat from any single area, at least three areas are usually used as a source for the fat  to be purified and re-injected. Once purified, special cannulas are used to inject the fat in small amounts in different areas and at different depth. The procedure usually involves hundreds of such fat injections.

This procedure is performed mostly outside the United States, where the tolerance for malpractice and poor results is much higher. There is a risk of possible contamination if the personnel and the physician do not keep up standard medical procedures. The fat melts away in time, because the body naturally tends to keep its own fat distribution. Further, due to infection, the pressure of sitting, and other factors, extrusions are very frequent and problematic to resolve. Therefore, we do not perform this type of surgery in our Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center.  However, Dr.Fisher can body-sculpt your buttocks to perfection, lift and elevate your self-image and self-esteem via liposuction and buttock-scupting without virtually any pain – and with results that will last!

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