Ab Etching


In Los Angeles, we have summer virtually all year round and many bikini-loving beachcombers love to reveal their physical assets. Weight loss and toning is not all diet and exercise. From the breasts and buttocks to the waist and arms… your whole body is “suctionable,” as Dr.Fisher says. “What an ugly word,” he adds. “It is one of those flash-in-the-pan expressions I commented on in my last interview for Facebook and U-Tube.  One should not be susceptible to new-fangled terms in science or art, terms that drive the banner of some lowest common denominator – spaghetti universe, Twiggi body… and such. ‘Suctionable’ seems to be one such term. It is, though, very descriptive. It says what we do in helping people feel better about themselves: we separate the chaff from the grain, so to speak. You see, it does not have to be on the beach – it can be in the privacy of your own home, while you are stepping out of the shower looking at yourself in your bathroom mirror. No-one can see you then – only you. However, how you look is how you feel, and that reflects and bears on your self-esteem when you are fully clothed among other people.”

Dr.Fisher wrote a whole book on the subject, aptly titled “Body Image.” He is currently preparing a second edition. He would welcome any reflections on liposuction that his former patients may have.

For those who have not yet had any cosmetic surgery done and are contemplating getting rid of love handles, hip rolls, muffin tops or whatever other part of your body, which you do not like, “suctionable,” albeit ugly-sounding, is a very descriptive term: we can simply “suck it off.” For example, “abdominal etching” involves the removal of excess fat in between the abdominal muscles, and in doing so creates indentations that give the appearance of a defined stomach. You may have seen this on some of our models on Facebook (all product of Dr. Gregory Fisher’s work). Think six-pack abs? Why not?




Now, as you are, touch yourself on the abdomen. You are sitting? Stand up, lean backward. Now, touch yourself on the abdomen. Can you feel the “sixpack” hiding below? A good surgeon-sculptor, such as Dr.Fisher, can touch you exactly the same way in the operating room, while you are under anaesthesia. He can follow your muscles, and feel where the indentations are. Then, he can suction off the exact amount of fat needed for your muscles to stand out. Of course, you do have to exercise a little and not be a total couch potato. “Abdominal etching” is an option only for individuals in whom total body fat is less than 18 percent. However, it is just as successful, if not more, as a stringent diet and hard exercise, much harder than you would have to exert without ab etching.

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