Nipple Inversion



In most women, nipples stand out from 0.2-0.4 inches from the lobe. Their size alters with sexual arousal to a different extent and, as many women know, also with cold or heat. However, the (colloquially) so-called inverted nipples, i.e. nipples that are turned inward, become erect in another way during sexual arousal. Paradoxically, the nipple does not become erect on the outside, but even more on the inside. Inverted nipples may thus look even more like a dimple than normally.

Both men and women have inverted nipples. They are more often found in overweight people, although it is not a rule of thumb. If you think that the phenomenon of nipple inversion is very rare, you are mistaken. 10 per cent of all women have this deformation. It can also occur only one nipple. Since the cause underlying this phenomenon lies in overly short and rather tight connective tissue in the region of the lobe, it can be permanently operatively altered.


Many women notice inverted nipples in puberty when their bodies start developing into adult bodies. This often detracts from their self-confidence and self-image. However, no consternation is necessary, because, as Dr.Fisher says, “There is no place on the surface of the human body, which, once neglected by Mother Nature, could not be revived, reinstated, embellished or perfected by a skilled plastic surgeon.”

Further, nipple inversion is a natural phenomenon and the natural state of your breasts, which is not immediately dangerous, does not cause you to be more prone to cancer, and does not cause problems during lactation. If your nipples become erect outward despite being generally inverted, breastfeeding is not a problem. Even if your nipples do not become erect at all, it is only slightly harder for the baby to take the nipple into the mouth. “Patience and love cures every imperfection,” as Dr.Fisher stated during our interview. However, if you are not willing to wait or have more audacious intentions in mind – after or before pregnancy – come to us for a free consultation.

2 thoughts on “Nipple Inversion

  1. i wasnt born with inverted nipples but when i was younger iwould always push thm in and now they are permanently that way….how do i fix this?

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