Bigger is Better?


Although many women generally agree with this proposition, the heading above had better have a bigger question mark after it. On the one hand, women who opt for implants that are too small, even though they are advised otherwise, end up regretting their choice, wishing they had “gone bigger.”  – on the other, there are those who like the glitz-and-glitter of a new image. The latter  may disregard their Surgeon’s advice as to optimum results and how to achieve them entirely, and may end up with back pain, premature descent and possibly skin damage.

Around the country, the largest breast implants are currently being given in Miami and in Hollywood. Reportedly, the motto is: “Go big or go home.”

An experienced surgeon, such as Dr.Fisher, who performed several thousand of breast implant surgeries, will tell you that there are several decisive points to consider:

First, the base width of the patient’s breasts and the distance between them.

Second, the amount of tissue needed to accommodate the implants.

Third, balance between desires and expectations of the patient and what is physically possible and still safe.

Fourth, skin laxity, relevant to age and bodytype.

Bottom line for Dr.Fisher? “Happy patients – both immediately and in the years to come,” he says.

Is Beauty Science or Art? Beauty is as Beauty does...

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