Fat Fads

Dr.Fisher comments on a few latest fads in and around Hollywood that our patients noted and asked about…



During a Smartlipo Laser Body Sculpting Laserlipolysis procedure, a plastic surgeon inserts a lightweight, flexible wand tool into fatty tissue and “melts” the patient’s fat by using a specific laser wavelength. A separate tube sucks away the fat, as with traditional liposuction. Then, the surgeon uses a different laser wavelength to create heat under the dermis, which causes the skin collagen to contract, which ought to eliminate the problem of loose skin after liposuction. The skin contraction process is said to continue over a period of three to six months.


“However, contouring of the fat while tightening the skin can be achieved by a skilled plastic surgeon without laser. The proponents of this procedure refer to classic surgery as ‘cumbersome’ with allegedly unnecessary complete anesthesia, which can be avoided in so-called ‘SmartLipo.’ There is some strange myth going around that anesthesia will do you harm. Today, anesthesia is safer than sleeping alone at home, in your own bed. Moreover, what is even more precarious here, is the fact that SmarLipo is one of those trend-name procedures administered by amateurs who are often not even Board Certified surgeons.”


Fat Zapping

Ultrasound waves can be used in two different ways; to bounce off tissue and show formations inside the body– such as when a pregnant woman gets a prenatal ultrasound—and also to break things apart, such as when a patient suffering from kidney stones undergoes lithotripsy.

Two of the new technologies, Ultrashape and Liposonix, use ultrasound waves to break apart fat. The ultrasound beam is focused into the fatty layer below the skin: one device then causes the fat to blow up while the other heats it to move it out of the body. However, it’s not yet known which technique is better.

The third technology is called Zeltiq, which is a form of fat removal called cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis is the freezing of fat tissue. With this device fat is cooled to just above freezing, and this causes crystallization in the fat cells, which causes cell death over time. The process takes about 90 days to occur, and the fat layers actually shrink away as the fat tissue dies off.



“Neither Ultrashape nor Liposonix has been approved by the FDA, and there are no credible tests being run. As we have seen with Zelitq, these methods are alternative ways for people who either are not in need of surgery or their medical condition does not permit it. None of them is capable of what the hand of a skilled Board-certified plastic surgeon can do – alter your self-image overnight, follow your dreams, make you feel and look better…”


SmoothShapes Cellulite Technology

SSCT uses a combination of suction and laser energy to break up cellulite and give skin a smooth, toned appearance and texture. This treatment bears the FDA approval stamp. However, it is not a typical body contouring procedure. Rather, it is focused on the dermis, the skin itself.



“The treatment depends on the area, 20 min for a thigh, for instance, and ca. 48-hour recovery. The treatment feels like a deep tissue massage, and has to be repeated virtually on a monthly basis. However, for women with lax skin and typical cellulite problem areas, it is a viable solution. I would add that it is a boon where the patient has undergone a classic liposuction in the area, and is still in need of some cosmetic changes.”

Clearly, classic procedures performed by skilled hands of a real expert, such as Dr.Fisher, are irreplaceable and the results unparalleled.







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