Breast Augmentation

Dr.Fisher is Master of Breast Surgery


Some physicians tend to perform breast augmentation only under local anesthesia, performing both sub-glandular and attempting to sub-muscular breast augmentation. However, this approach has a number of potential problems and is not generally recommended by experienced plastic surgeons. There is also the option of intravenous sedation plus local, which is fairly common. The sedation is an important part of such performance.and unless a competent anesthia provider is present,serious complications may occur.

General anesthesia is much safer than people imagine. It is also generally preferred by the patients. Dr.Fisher  routinely performs breast augmentation under general anesthesia.  Local anesthesia requires more monitoring and can be more dangerous (in particular because it requires a certain degree of the patient’s being rendered unresponsive.  Some facilities are not credentialed to provided general anesthesia requiring that the procedures be performed under local anesthesia. We have a fully accredited and credentialed facility that provides both local, regional, and general anesthetic options. Since general anesthesia requires very safe, FDA approved and recognized treatment, it is on the level of state-of-the art technology, often unavailable in unaccredited facilities, and, in particular, outside of the United States, such as Mexico/ Latin American and South American countries. One can also encounter many obsolete, saline implants being used there as well as in Europe.

Breast implants (also known as augmentation mammoplasty, breast augmentation, mammoplasty enlargement, or breast enlargement) come in two primary types:

•    Silicone gel implants — use a silicone rubber shell that is filled with viscous gel. These implants require sub-mammary incision and are more expensive than their saline counterparts. If the patient desires this type of implant, we make it available to them. 

•    Saline implants — use elastic polymer shell made of silicone and is filled with sterilized saline fluid. This implant has relatively little silastic material in contact with the human tissue, compared with other implants. When Dr.Fisher places this implant under the muscle, excellent results are achieved. The Mentor Co., manufacturer of breast implants, will sell the patient a lifetime warranty, should these implants wear out or leak.


Both types of implants are approved by the FDA. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience, Dr.Fisher rarely encounters problems, e.g. capsular contraction, in less than 5% of all his patients. Such problems can often be solved with non-surgical treatment. In recalcitrant cases, a simple touch-up surgical procedural may be adequate.

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