Facial Implant Surgery

chin osteotomy with lengthening and an interpositional graft preop


Be it as a part of reconstructive surgery or an indelible feature of body contouring, Dr.Fisher also performs facial implant including chin implants, jaw implants, or cheek implants, all with the ultimate aim of providing complete rejuvenation, augmentation, and/or reconstruction for patients wishing to improve or repair the appearance of the face.

Chin Implant Procedure is performed either as stand-alone out-patient procedure, or in combination of other surgical procedures. It is an “augmentative” procedure, which means that its goal is either to give accent to the jaw line through the placement of customized implant materials or to achieve chin advancement.  Implants are put in place by means of incision (either under the chin or in the mouth). The surgery is not complicated – but then again – Dr.Fisher is a unique expert in the field…

chin osteotomy with lengthening and an interpositional graft post-op

Jaw Implant Procedure, also referred to as “jaw augmentation” or “mandibular augmentation,” takes within two hours, of course depending on the technique used, the extent of the procedure and its material. Placement of the implant is determined in advance, usually on top of the jaw bone. Once the implant is in place, Dr.Fisher performs a thorough visual examination in order to ensure that it suits the features of the patient. As a sculptor and painter, Dr.Fisher is very well equipped and experienced to assess the propriety, proportionality and perfect fit here. When everything is to his satisfaction, he will use sutures and/or screws to secure the implant in place. Scarring is minimal and invisible to a lay eye.

Cheek Implant Procedure is somewhat more complicated. To provide access for the implant, Dr.Fisher makes an incision either on the outer cheek a little below the lower eyelid, or above the upper lip. This incision creates a fitful “pocket” in the tissue, into which the implant is inserted. The implants may be positioned on or below the cheekbones. To keep them securely attached to the bone, titanium screws are sometimes used. The incisions are then closed with sutures that dissolve in the body.

chin augmentation preop

After surgery, patients often do not feel more than temporary numbness and dull pain, somewhat similar to toothache. The treated area may feel tight and may remain swollen for several days. Naturally, liquid diet is recommended. For any dietetic advice, patients may wish to contact, Dr. Fisher’s daughter, Dr. Sarah Fisher.

Visible effects of face implant surgery typically become evident after 3 or 4 months.  After this time, the implants will be set in place and provide the patient with a lifetime of aesthetic enhancement wherever the implant is placed.


chin augmentation postop

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