Beware of Promises!

Many patients expect results overnight. Many doctors – unwisely – promise results overnight. It is important for everyone to realize that great things do not happen overnight, and a good cosmetic surgery is a great thing – it ultimately saves you much effort and struggle fighting your weight or your social stigma, be it small bosom or unsightly nose. We all have ours…

No-one put on 20 pounds of fat overnight and it is unrealistic to expect such a loss overnight. Wise surgeons will not exceed 4 pounds on liposuction. Sometimes 6, in rare cases 8 pounds of fat can be “sucked” during one surgery. However, to be on the safe side, even the healthiest individuals should not undergo any drastic procedures. Every procedure involves loss of blood, which naturally increases with extensive performance. Some surgeons even recommend transfusions before the actual surgery, in order to facilitate recovery.

In Dr.Fisher’s opinion, all this is unnecessary. “Michelangelo did not create David overnight,” says Dr.Fisher. “If you come to me for excellent results, you must be patient – not so much with me as with yourself. Some of the most successful results took 3-4 liposuction procedures or tummy tucks over a period of 2-3 years. Of course, it may be more expensive, but, in the long run, it is your investment into your own health and happiness.”

We therefore recommend that you stay realistic and eschew “dreamland surgeons” who promise you that you will look like a movie star overnight. Dr.Fisher will never promise the impossible, but, as it happens, often achieves what you might think was impossible anyway. “It is in the nature of a great plastic surgeon,” says Dr.Fisher, “to be also a great artist; and the human body is like a block of marble, a canvass for a great artist. Of course, once you let a novice mar it, it is more difficult, if not impossible, to repair. However, in the hands of a great artist, nothing is truly impossible…”

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