Applied Psychology?

As we have previously emphasized, cosmetic surgery is the art of applied science – science, which cannot be separated from art. No doubt we should give credit to those surgeons who venture into the unknown for scientific purposes, to advance humanity, devoid of selfish motives and pecuniary gain. Such a risk may entail the opprobrium of their peers and even public at large, although the fruit of victory oftentimes tastes sweeter than the sour grapes of defeat… However, cosmetic surgery is not a heal-all for someone who has underlying psychological problems. The late report  seems to indicate that either peer pressure or low self-esteem may have been the motive force for the incriminating decision. Dr.Fisher is an expert psychologist, with life-long professional experience. Please do not hesitate to contact him if you are uncertain whether cosmetic surgery or any cosmetic procedure is good for you.

One thought on “Applied Psychology?

  1. After my dentist told me I needed laser gum surgery, I went into a total panic, have always had some 5 and 6 mm depth pockets in my mouth that have been of concern, but one of them finally flared up to a 9mm pocket. My dentist gave me a referral to a periodontist, and I was about 2 days away from my appointment

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