Manuka Honey

Dr.Fisher recommends Manuka honey products to increase recuperation after surgery. Manuka honey is a monofloral honey made by bees in New Zealand that pollinate the manuka bush, Leptospermum scoparium. It has strong antibacterial properties because of its methylglyoxal content. Manuka honey is typically dark in colour with a strong flavour.

For manuka products, you may wish to visit:

Manuka products from New Zealand are certified “USDA Organic.” We have experienced excellent results in improving post-operative healing, prevention of scarring, and even combating infection acquired as a result of not following Dr.Fisher’s advice with respect to post-op hygiene (e.g. showering).

The application is easy. After you clean the area (with e.g. Hydrogen Peroxide) apply the honey on the area. Do not touch. Then cover wound with pre-soaked gauze pad. Finally, use some waterproof dressing (Telfa-style) so as to prevent soiling of your clothes/bedding. Be careful not to use any dressing/adhesives that might irritate your skin. Always ask our staff before you decide to “experiment” on your own!

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