Symmastia is a term for touching breasts. It is a genetic malformation, which may occur after breast implant surgery, for various reasons. It may for instance happen during the breast augmentation when the pectoral muscle is cut or detached. Often, this situation improves as the body heals itself. Sometimes, it does not.

It is somewhat of a paradox because closely positioned breasts are actually very attractive and many women intentionally push the breasts together. Symmastia, however, may pose a problem and the patient will need a reconstructive surgery, which is not without risk. Since the “capsule” has to be re-formed by the surgeon, there is a risk of asymmetry in suturing the pectoral muscle (none of us has perfectly symmetrical muscles) and also possible capsulectomy, which may result in the intended separation of the breasts, but not equal visual perfection.

Symmastia has a high rate of recurrence, and Dr.Fisher only treats patients who present their complete medical history and who realize that one treatment/operation may not suffice.

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