Laser Scar Treatment

Any wound causes inflammation. The word “inflammation” is derived from Latin inflammo, which means what it says: something is enflamed, hot and swollen, red and painful (the four basic symptoms) because such is the natural reaction to pathogens, damaged cells and irritants.  Scarring is the result of healing. Its extent depends on the gravity of the wound, age and the individual characteristics of the patient.

The progress  to tissue formation is initiated by the inflammatory reaction that is a result of the trauma, which has occurred. Collagen is the main building block of skin, cartilage and blood vessels.

Today, laser scar removal can reduce the appearance of several types of scars. First, keloid scarring, which are firm, raised and reddish-purple scars that extend beyond the initial wound area and build over time. Second, hypertrophic scars, which are firm, raised and pink scars that remain within the initial wound area and may fade over time. Third, atrophic scars, which are depressed pin-like pockets in the skin that can result from skin conditions or diseases such as acne.

People with skin disorders may not be ideal candidates for laser treatment, but even so, in some cases, considerable improvement may be obtained. Lasers can greatly improve the appearance of acne scars. It is important that you make an individual appointment with Dr. Fisher to discuss your specific case and the method in which modern technology used by Dr. Fisher and the Cerritos Laser and Surgery Center can benefit you.

How does laser scar treatment work? During scar treatment, the laser vaporizes or removes a layer of skin and penetrates the underlying dermis causing a reorganization of the interlocking collagen molecules, thus minimizing scar appearance. Such treatment will also stimulate new collagen growth and correct scars from the inside out.

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