How Long Will My Implants Last?

The life-span of breast implants used to be advertised as ten to fifteen years. However, the quality of the implants has improved considerably in the last decade. Dr.Fisher provides the best quality implants current market can offer. Their lifespan is 20-30 years. One of the most common reasons that women have their breast implants replaced is because of rupture, which can occur because of hazardous and risk-entailing physical activities. More active women who undertake a lot of physical activity in the chest area are more likely to need replacement due to rupture. Also any kind of trauma to the chest could cause rupture. Sometimes the woman will decide to have the breast implants replaced or removed for cosmetic reasons. The surgery may have not turned out that way they had been expecting and they may feel that the implants are too small or too large. Some women may choose to have them removed altogether.
Dr.Fisher is often asked “what if my implants leak?” If your implants leak, this is not yet a disaster. What matters is the extent of the leak and the reason for it. Implants filled with saline that leaks will shrink slowly and the saline can be absorbed into the body harmlessly. As they shrink the woman will then become aware of the rupture and seek further advice. However, silicone implants will not shrink when they rupture and women with silicone implants are advised to have them checked on a regular basis.
Finally, breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure. Your body alters with age and lifetime, and what was proper when you were thirty may not be so when you are fifty. It is your personal decision to have the implants replaced or removed, which need not be based on medical or health factors.

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