3D Imaging

Do not be misled by the surgeons offering some “super new” technologies, such as a 3D imaging. Your surgery will only be as successful as your surgeon’s experience warrants. No “super device” will help an unskilled hand achieve exceptional results. Of course, it may increase what you pay for surgery, as many of our patients tell us when they return from a Hollywood Top Clinic with a poor result, which is “nothing like the 3D image.”

“It can be helpful where the patient cannot decide about the size or shape,” says Dr. Gregory T. Fisher of Cerritos Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center. “However, such cases are rare, as most women simply want to keep their natural shape and either enlarge or reduce the size. I have tried all modern devices as soon as they hit the market. I want to know whether they work and if so, how. In the end, I always have to rely on my own skill and experience. I have seen thousands of breasts in my career, both as a professor of surgery and a director at Kaiser Permanente. To evaluate all parameters that I factor in, you would need a NASA computer!” Dr. Fisher smiles and leaves me in the waiting room, full of women who have come for a free consultation.

I peruse the wall posters which show Dr. Fisher’s work. I have seen his work on the internet, but it is not the same. Dr. Fisher is kind, amiable and mature, and – those results!

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