General Anesthesia

General anesthesia (also “systemic anesthesia”) is applied for three main reasons: first, it permits the surgeon to extend the volume of fat extracted by liposuction, second, it enables the surgeon to combine procedures to your best benefit, thus minimize the total volume of pain and discomfort, lastly, it is to your economic benefit because you pay less for the operating room and related expenses (i.e. less than if you underwent the procedures one-at-a-time).

Dr. Gregory T. Fisher, F.A.C.S. of Cerritos Surgery and Laser Center has more than 35 years of experience and best education the United States can provide – Columbia and Harvard Medical Schools. Unlike some unscrupulous Beverly Hills surgeons, he does not overcharge and does not promise you blue from the sky just to get you in the OR. If it can be done, it can be done – if it cannot be done, then there are several ways of how to split the procedures.

What many patients do not know is that to have a good, experienced anesthesiologist is nearly as important as a good surgeon – they must be a team. You may want to ask how long has the surgeon you are intending to choose for your particular procedure retained their anesthesiologist – in years or months? This gives you a picture of the internal surgical “unit” and its functioning.

There are two types of anesthesia: local and systemic. Systemic anesthesia includes general anesthesia given by inhalation of anesthetic gases such as halothane or isoflurane, intravenous (IV) drugs injected into a vein such as propofol (Diprivan), midazolam (Versed), ketamine (Ketalar) and narcotics such as meperidine (Demerol), or fentanyl (Sublimaze). All of these drugs are commonly used to achieve general anesthesia. Obviously, dangers are greatest in young, inexperienced or inattentive anesthesiologists.

Always weigh safety over volume, quality over quantity. Our patients are pleasantly surprised when they find out that Dr. Fisher operates a small family clinic where the anesthetist, Sarah Collins, CRNA, is an experienced professional nurse with exclusive skills and education, who has been on his team for the past twenty-five years! With forty years of experience, she has not had a single “anesthesia gone wrong” case in her entire career! She wakes the patients up with a gentle, soothing voice and attends to their well-being in the adjacent Sheraton Hotel where a room is always reserved for them.

As a professional technical writer, who has undergone general systemic anesthesia performed by Sarah Collins, CRNA, three times, I can but stand in awe and admiration of her skills and acumen. I have visited some of the much acclaimed Beverly Hills surgeons, most of them of foreign extraction and education too. In the end, all I can say is: go with quality, not quantity. I did and I am happy for it.

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