Purchasing Surgery

“Purchasing a surgery” is really the wrong term to use. Many people approach the surgeon trying to barter for a “deal” on surgery. Several points must be stated in this regard. First, your body is unlike any other body. Thus, what your friend told you about her having surgery for this much and what-a-deal-that-was! – does not apply to you. Second, the body can only survive a limited amount of surgical trauma before the risks of serious surgical complications increase dramatically. Therefore, do not “barter” and then “chop and change” for another “deal.” The likelihood of successful removal, once you decide for your breast augmentation, is smaller than the likelihood of success in the augmentation itself. The skin may have problems shrinking, you may have more visible scars, or, rather, your scars may become more visible, and your mental state may be detrimentally affected. Lastly, only a skilled surgeon with years of experience can tell you instantly what is enough and what is too much. Remember – experience in the field comes from years and years of practice, not reading books or investing into a posh Beverly Hills location. Prestige and skill, unfortunately, are not identical.

Therefore, do not “purchase a surgery” but purchase happiness, purchase a gift to yourself, not to your husband. If you are doing something with your body, do it for yourself, not for your husband, your friends, your parents – do it because you are worthy and deserving. That way, you will not be disappointed.

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