Double Bubble


double bubble

“Double Bubble” is a chewing gum brand, not a surgical problem. If you have suffered an unsettled inframammary fold as a result of breast augmentation and are not satisfied with the results, you should not refer to it as “double bubble.” You probably told your surgeon that you did not want “any scars,” which is the first problem. Trying to comply with your demands, the surgeon attempted to lift your breast by means of the implant itself. You should never immediately rush from surgery to surgery, expecting instant reparation and results. It is not uncommon for the breast tissue to “settle” after 6-12 months, even two years.  Changing your diet and slimming also helps because breast tissue is simply fat, which decreases in volume and gives way to the implant. Other than that, if you have had a result similar to this picture, and you have detected no noticeable changes for the better in more than one year after the surgery, please contact Dr. Gregory T. Fisher, PC, F.A.C.S. and visit Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center for consultation.

double bubble x

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