Tumescent Liposuction

The tumescent technique of liposuction consist of the following: Dr. Fisher distends the fat and soft tissues with local anesthesia, adrenaline, and salt water. In so doing, the blood loss has decreased to levels that are acceptable in an outpatient surgery setting without the need for post-operative transfusion. Further, more fat tissue may be safely aspirated at one sitting, frequently without the necessity of hospitalization or even general anesthesia. Currently, experimental procedures involving ultrasound and liposuction are being perfected which will hopefully improve techniques further. However, there is no substitute for the gentle hands of a skilled surgeon, who like a sculptor approaches the body to accomplish the perfection machinery can never master.

Regardless of the technique, liposuction is still not a treatment for generalized obesity, but rather for treatment of localized fat excess and disproportion.

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