Corrective Breast Surgery


Corrective breast surgery refers to several types of cosmetic breast correction, such as breast implant revision and inverted nipple correction. Dr. Gregory Thomas Fisher performs these procedures with utmost kill, specifically tailored to your conditions. It is therefore impossible to inform you in particular.

Generally speaking, however, there are many types of complaints patients come to us with desire to revise their previous breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is a very popular procedure. Among the many women who undergo breast augmentation, a relatively small number of them do not achieve their desired outcome. If you have undergone breast augmentation surgery and are not satisfied with the result, you can choose to have a breast implant revision at the Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center in Cerritos Towne Center.


What Does Breast Implant Revision Correct?

Even if Dr. Fisher did not perform your original breast augmentation, he can help you improve your results through breast implant revision. Dr. Fisher performs breast implant revision in order to:

  • Change the size of your implants,
  • Improve breast symmetry
  • Replace a ruptured implant
  • Correct symmastia or treat capsular contracture.

In most cases, patients only undergo a revision procedure if they have completely healed from breast augmentation.


How Is Breast Implant Revision Performed?

Implant revision surgery is similar to your original augmentation surgery. Dr. Fisher will make incisions, typically in the same location as the first operation. These allow Dr. Fisher to reposition your implants or replace a ruptured implant. Your recovery will be very similar to your original breast augmentation recovery. You should rest, wear your supportive bra, and avoid lifting heavy objects. Dr. Fisher and his staff will provide specific instructions after the surgery. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU FOLLOW DR.FISHER’S POST OPERATIVE INSTRUCTIONS, because any complications caused by your negligence in not following Dr.Fisher’s instructions will result in another corrective surgery, which is not a part of your first or second procedure.


Inverted Nipple Correction (For Inverted or Prominent Nipples)

Nipples may be naturally flat or indented, and not project to the desired position. You may choose to undergo an inverted nipple correction procedure in order to improve the appearance of your breasts.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding can create prominent nipples and make nipples long, wide, and droopy. Prominent nipples can overshadow the youthful look of a breast enhancement. Correction of the nipple can complement breast augmentation or breast lift.

You can undergo inverted nipple correction in order to gain:

  • a more beautiful and proportioned contour,
  • an improved breast appearance,
  • breasts that appear more youthful.

How Is Inverted Nipple Correction Performed?

To correct an inverted nipple, small incisions are made near the nipple to allow access to the underlying structure. Tissues in the nipple are spread (inverted nipples) or contracted (prominent nipples), and dissolvable sutures are placed in the nipple.

A special stent may be placed for 1-3 days to ensure that your nipple is held in the correct position as it heals. The sutures in your nipple dissolve in several weeks. Inverted nipples are corrected with great care to preserve the milk ducts.

If you are interested in a corrective breast procedure, such as implant revision or inverted nipple correction, contact Dr. Fisher’s office at 562 865 9600 for a confidential consultation.


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