Liposuction is one of the most traditional forms of cosmetic surgery and it is still one of the favorites. For those who struggle to lose those extra pounds this is the simplest way to get looking the way you want to without having to sweat for it. This is a procedure overwhelmingly favored by women and the price tag of over $1,000 per area may well put many off. However, as public research indicates, the money is well worth it – 85% of all those who have undergone plastic surgery retain the weight loss. This is partly due to the fact that plastic surgery actually takes away your fat cells. Interestingly, you only have a certain number of fat cells and the number is given to you genetically. The fat cells may grow or increase but they do not “multiply.” Thus, once taken away, your fat loss is going to be permanent – unless, of course, you “stretch out” the capacity of the remaining fat cells by overeating.

It is also interesting to note that Dr. Fisher has the experience, ability and skill to execute several procedures in one operation, thus your liposuction can be tied in with breast augmentation (or reduction, as you desire) at a minimized cost. Of course, the total cost depends on how extensive the procedure is and how time consuming it is going to be for the staff and the surgeon. Thus, unless you visit Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center in person for a personalized examination with the surgeon, you will not be given any definite price tag on your surgery.


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