Diet after Liposuction

Obviously, what you eat after liposuction is crucial. Do not go to any extreme diet right away. Changes should be gradual but should accommodate your new self. You have taken the first step to your happiness. Eliminate sugar. Sugar is a disaccharide which contributes to your weight nothing but empty calories. Before sugar became widely spread, during the 18th and 19th century, people used only honey to sweeten their food and drinks. There were fewer obese people and fewer heart attacks. People died of other causes, for most of which we have cures today. If you need a sweetener, use the artificial one, but also with discretion. Remember that sweetness (the taste buds on your tongue and in your mouth) recedes relatively quickly. If you eliminate all sweet food from your diet for 4-6 weeks, the “sweet tooth” cravings will go away.

Meat can be just as dangerous as sugar when used without discretion. The diets rich in protein, which are so common today, are misguided to the extent to which they are based on exceptionally healthy and fit individuals who exercise and need increased protein consumption. If you are not one of these individuals, stop worrying about protein in your diet. Eliminate red meat, save for an occasional steak or “pleasure meal” and focus on white meat and eggs. No, you need not worry about cholesterols either. If you do not supply them to your body in the diet, the body will manufacture them, because it needs to have some.

Finally, avoid fat in all forms. Do not add fat on your salads, do not think that you should add extra olive oil because it is healthy, and do not – ever! – mix carbohydrates and fat, such as fried potatoes or cakes where flour is mixed with butter… Substitute water, vinegar, lemon juice, if you must have that cake. Use Teflon pans, cook your potatoes or better still, have a bowl of rice.

(This advice comes to you from Miss World and Miss USA in Natural Bodybuilding – Physique, INBA/PNBA professional natural athlete, Sarah Condor-Fisher, Ph.D. For more, see her book on nutrition on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.)


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