Plastic Surgery Trends in 2016

In 2016, we’ll see a rise in liposuction and Botox procedures. Breast augmentation is in steady demand, although women do not desire overly voluptuous figures. “Modern Family” actress Ariel Winter, who had breast reduction surgery this year, is also reported to have influenced this “smaller breasts” trend.


Unorthodox buttocks surgeries are on the rise, mainly due to their importation from and popularity in Brazil. They continue to pose risks and are not recommended by top experts in the field. Some “bottom-heavy” trends among the “stars” have also influenced the market (Kardashian). As politeness turns into political correctness, one ceases to be “fat” and is to be defined as “more shapely.”


Smaller enhancements are more in fashion than multiple surgeries, mainly due to the steady bombardment of the market by companies promising “painless and fast” fat loss, skin improvement etc. What they often omit to say is that such “fast losses” just as quickly vanish. An average non-surgical treatment of an “area” will last 1-2 years before it has to be repeated.

In 2015, we have already marked a steady increase in face and neck lift surgeries, approximately 25% more compared to 2014. “People take ‘selfies’ and that’s what they see,” Dr. Fisher says. “Camera resolution, instant availability, online presence… people are more self-critical. That is where we, experts in body-sculpting, can truly make a difference.”

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