Laser for Varicose Veins

Image result for Varicose Vein Anatomy

Just as with Dermabrasion and similar treatments, laser works by damaging the vein which, in turn, initiates new growth of tissue. This new tissue is not the vein but a form of scar tissue, which closes up the vein. The vein loses blood source and dies, and gradually (over a year or two) disappears.

Laser treatment is never a single treatment but a series of many gradual “assaults” which take effect only slowly. You cannot expect miracles but, with patience and determination, you will get there.

Spider veins are small veins ousting from the larger veins. It is the larger veins that must be “attacked” with laser. So-called “endovenous” laser treatment is applied. A laser fiber is passed through a thin tube (catheter) into the vein. While doing this, the doctor watches the vein on a duplex ultrasound screen. Only local anesthesia is required.

You should wear compression stockings for one week or more after endovenous laser treatment and avoid any strenuous lower extremities activity (such as jogging).

Burning, changes in color, small clotting may accompany this treatment but should not last for more than a few days. If it does, consult your physician and discontinue the treatment.

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