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The myth currently reoccupying some cable news channels: the alleged fact that most people become overweight because they are not wealthy enough to buy good quality food – is precisely that, a MYTH.

Of course, one can crave fresh salmon or tuna fish, and complain that it is too expensive to buy. However, the amino acid consistency of fresh tuna and canned tuna is the same. Thus, to purchase a cheap can of tuna is a good equivalent, just as nutritious. One needs the equivalent of one’s body weight in protein a day. If you work harder, you need more. Thus, two cans of tuna, glass of milk or yoghurt, or cheese should be enough. Proteins are important but can easily be overestimated. Mind you – not overrated – because only high quality proteins count. These are not necessarily the most expensive ones. No.1? Eggs. No.2? White meat. No.3? Milk.

You can eat cheaply and live healthy. On the other hand, junk food is often expensive, extraordinarily so if one looks at its chemical consistency… Indeed, food is chemistry, and chemistry is life. Therefore, philosophically, and technically speaking, incorporation of all elements is necessary: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. If you eat healthy food, plenty of vegetables and fruit, you have less need for supplements. However, supplements are necessary in stressful periods and environments. Therefore, you cannot eat the same amount and consistency every day, and must also modify vitamin and mineral intake.

What is the ideal ratio? Carbohydrates should predominate, especially complex ones, because they give you energy and save muscle. Also, they are much easier to transform into energy than fats or protein. Fat is not worth worrying about, because it is virtually in everything. If you have specific problems, e.g. brittle nails or bones, add some fish oil and chicken (with skin) or soups. They help because they supply collagen and vitamin D. As to protein, never take more than 35g per portion, because it is waste of money and energy – your body cannot digest more at one time. Also calculate the need per bodyweight and per stress. Ideally, eat 1/2-2/3 of your bodyweight in grams of protein, i.e. if your weight is 100lb, eat 50-75g of protein per day. This is a healthy minimum when you have no stress and no special endurance coming…

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