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Eye Circles?

Many modern trends in plastic
surgery trend to cure the effects without searching for the causes. Some causes
can be genetic and can appear relatively early in your life. Circles under the
eyes are often caused by volume loss and thinning of the fatty tissue in the
area (which is also why many people look younger when they have more
subcutaneous fat while stringent dieting makes you look older). However, such
changes can be postponed and for many years altogether avoided. Dr.Fisher has
extensive experience in this area and impeccable results. However, prior to the
operation, he always focuses on the causes and circumstantial factors: age,
environment, stress… For instance many women (and men) suffer from loose lower
eyelids due to increased concentration of melanin in the dermis (skin
pigmentation) which causes “dark spots” under the eyes earlier than in people
who do not have increased levels of melanin. It is therefore important to avoid
stress, supplement surgical treatment with vitamins (retinol, A-D, C and E) and
avoid direct sunshine whenever possible.