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Conquer Your Depression by What You Eat

Sweet foods worsen depression, so avoid them when you
feel depressed. The only exception is perhaps dark chocolate with high
percentage of cocoa – over 60 per-cent. Chocolate contains: sugar (which,
again, should be avoided), fat, caffeine, phenyl ethylamine, flavonoids, bromine
and tryptophan. Beetroot is a
vegetable rich in uredines, which are not commonly found in other kind of food.
It is best to eat fresh, although supplements derived from beet, containing beta
carotene, calcium and iron, are assimilated by the body faster. Many women in
particular favor soy because its
amino acids are assimilated better by the female body. It contains no
cholesterol and works well as a prophylactic to depression. Soy cheese, however,
is also good for men because it prevents prostate cancer, atherosclerosis and
osteoporosis. Of couser, milk products such
as different kinds of cheese, yoghurt and cheese contain more calcium than soy
and should never be eliminated from your diet. Absence of calcium from your
diet contributes to depression. Likewise, there should be calcium-magnesium
balance, so, just to make sure, purchase a supplement and take it after your
last meal (for the night). Many people today do eat plenty of fish, so it is
not necessary to use cod liver oil or omega-3
supplements. If you have vegetables, mix the colors and eat them before your
meal or at the same time, not after your meal. Finally, coffee has a protective effect, similar to dark chocolate. It likewise
reduces prostate cancer as well as the risk of Alzeheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease,
and diabetes. It stimulates the brain and purportedly prevents dementia, which is
debatable. However, it does
increase the acidity of the stomach, which is why many people drink it after
the meal…