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Breast Capsulectomy Surgery


When a breast implant is performed on a patient, the body may in certain instances “wall it off” and form a capsule that surrounds the implant. This capsule can vary in thickness from patient to patient. Patients with capsules that contain muscle cells have the ability to contract and misshape the breast altogether. This contraction is called a capsule contraction. It may cause pain, break, rupture, and deform the shape of the breast altogether. The removal of this capsule is done through breast capsulectomy surgery.


(Pre- and post-capsulectomy surgery)


Capsulectomy will involve total or partial removal of the capsule and will usually involve the replacement of the implants. The goal in this surgery is to allow the body to form a more favorable capsule and to place a breast implant that will last longer than the previous one.

The method of inserting and positioning your implants depends on your anatomy and your surgeon’s opinion. Normally, implants are inserted through an incision in the natural crease under the breast. Other methods of insertion are through an incision in the armpit or around the areola. These incisions are closed using fine dissolving sutures. They are also taped to provide better support during the healing process.

Breast capsulectomy surgery will take around one and a half hours to complete. General anaesthesia is used and you may be required to stay overnight, attended to by expert nurses from the Cerritos Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. There are some cases where patients may go home on the same day.

You must have realistic expectations from breast capsulectomy surgery. You will feel more confident with your appearance and will be overall more self-confident.