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Gummy Bear Implants

ImageGummy bear implants are made of a highly cohesive, form-stable silicone gel. Compared with other types of silicone gel implants, the silicone particles in the gummy bear implants are more cross-linked, so the material bands together more closely. This “form-stable” quality is where some of the advantages of gummy bear implants come into play.

One of these advantages is the feel — gummy bear implants have the feel of natural breast tissue.Image

There are also safety pluses. Namely, if you cut a gummy bear implant in half, the gel stays put. As a result, there is minimal risk of gel migration if the implant shell ruptures (and they can). This puts them on par with saline breast implants, which (upon rupture) release only salt water into the body. And gummy bear implants feel more natural than saline gel implants.


In contrast, with other types of silicone gel implants, errant gel can migrate and may cause local problems such as scarring and granulomas (small areas of inflammation in tissue).

According to some experts, the new cohesive gel implants may also pose a lower risk of capsular contracture  (scar tissue around the breast implant). Exactly why this occurs, and if it proves to be true in the long run, is unknown, but it may be a result of how firm the new implants are.

There are some downsides to the newest player in breast enhancement. The “form-stable” attribute means that they must be inserted through a larger incision, since their shape can’t be altered. The incision length may be up to 5.5 centimeters, depending upon the size of the implant. Smaller incisions are used for today’s silicone gel and saline-filled breast implants.


Finally, form-stable breast implants cost more than other types of silicone-gel implants. Discuss the cost with your surgeon during your breast implant consultation. Beware, some outpatient centers do not include the implant cost into surgery, so you may end up paying much more than your initially telephone inquiry indicated. This never happens with Cosmetic Surgery Laser Center of Cerritos, where you are given the total cost of your procedure after you meet with the surgeon and determine the type of surgery you want.